We have been trying to do everything for you fast, in terms, qualitatively and with understanding for you throughout 5 years. We like to implement new ideas and designs. As that is specifically wallpaper mainly make the good mood in the apartment and any other outer space.
Our team is about lightness and simplicity - from the beginning and to the very end of our cooperation with you.

It is about the way thoughtfully we do our business every day for you to enjoy in the future. It is about the individual approach.

Founder, CEO
Co-founder, CEO
Production сhief
We print our wallpapers with the help of the HP (Hewlett-Packard) printer with latex print.

Our company has water-based ink without any harmful impurities for people's health with UI Ecologo and Greenquard certificates.

Wallpapers come out of the printer already dry and are ready to be put on the wall (picture does not imprint and blur out afterward).

About printing
We got fleece-based material with a vinyl cover.

Our wallpapers are damp and moisture-proof – they can be glued in bathrooms, and facilities with a high level of humidity, without direct contact with water. Our wallpaper can be washed, but very carefully, without rubbing. For better durability after the wallpaper is put to the wall, you can cover it with matte polish, we will tell you which one is better to take.

About material