We start wallpaper production after you pay for it, as every order is individual.
To the checking account
Payment is made to a checking account of the company due to the contract, which we send for review as our responsibility to you.
To card
You can pay from any part of the planet to our card with a minimal commission (we will tell you about special services for it).
Our wallpapers are reliably packed in tubes made of tight cartons. Tubes are closed with the metal covers and consolidated with staples.
By Nova Poshta
Delivery over Ukraine takes 1-2 days. Delivery cost – is FREE.
Delivery over the world or other delivery services/courier delivery, which will take your order as fast as they can to your house, is FREE (in case the order is from 10 м2, in case the order is smaller than this, it is paid by the buyer).
By Ukrposhta
You can also take your order by yourself in our office, which is located in Odessa, Residential Complex Novy Bereg, 1 office.
How do know the price?

Cost - 750UAH for square meter.
From 20 м2 – 650UAH for sq.meter.
Big orders we calculate individually.

To calculate the price – write us the height and width of the wall (even approximate sizes) where will be wallpaper.


The price will vary from the size of the canvas.
We also can draw your portrait based on your photo (and will make it very qualitatively!)
To know the price write us the approximate size of the canvas.

How to get a consultation?
We are always ready to answer any questions very fast and with a big pleasure, we will listen to you and support you with such a hard thing as renovation.

Call or write us +38 067 720 95 44 on Telegram, Viber, or leave a request on the website.
How to make an order?
You can call us, or write directly in messenger (Telegram or Viber) wall sizes and send pictures for the wallpaper or canvas.

We will send you the layout for approval, where you can correct some things, and after we will send you a physical sample for you to see the colour rendering and quality.

If everything is okay – we produce the wallpaper.

What are the delivery terms?
We send all orders for free by Nova Poshta! The delivery is free even abroad (in case the order is from 10 м2, in case the order is smaller than this it is paid by the buyer).

You can choose the delivery with the courier straight to your house.
We make samples for free, delivery costs around 46UAH.

All parcels are insured for the full value of the order, so if the package is damaged at the post office or in courier – don't take them, please call us!

Delivery over Ukraine usually takes 1 day.
Russia – 2-3 days
Europe – up to 7 days (maximum 14 days)
USA – up to 14 days

Can I change the already chosen print or order my own?
Every picture from our site can be changed by the colour/some elements, how adaptive – we look on the particular sample.

If you have found a picture on the Internet – send us and we will offer a similar variant and draw it.

Where can I watch all the variety of wallpaper and canvases?
On our site and Instagram, we post just several of the samples of what we can do.

You can show us an example from the Internet and we will try to repeat it at our own expense! In some cases when the artist draws the picture from the very beginning, you have to pay a small amount for the drawing.
How to pay an order?
There is no payment on the site as during the working process the size can be changed. And we want you to pay for the order when it is ready and for you to like it.

Payment occurs only under the contract (which specifies our responsibility to you) and to the account of the company card number (or requisites). So you can easily pay directly from card to card.

For the order call or write us +38 067 720 95 44 on Telegram, Viber, or leave a request on the website.

How to get the order to the other country?
We send wallpaper to other countries too, no problems with that (the delivery is free in case the order is from 10 м2, in case the order is smaller than this it is paid by the buyer).

You can order in any convenient messenger for you.
+38 067 720 95 44

Russia – 2-3 days
Europe – up to 7 days (maximum 14 days)
USA – up to 14 days

How can I be sure about the quality?
For this matter, we send you a free sample by Nova Poshta for you to be sure of the quality and absence of any defect connected with it.
If I have found cheaper – what's the difference?
There is always a difference.

First of all – you can't check the machine and ink that were used for your order.
Secondly, thirdly and fourthly – we have great quality! Latex print without any smell, which you can glue in your child's room and at medical organizations (we have certificates) without harmful components, hypoallergenic, paint doesn't blur out, and we do not thrift for all our ink.

But everyone can tell you this, so just order a sample and compare.
What if there will be a problem with my order?
Before shipping, we always check the order, BUT there is such thing as a human factor.
That's why, if there is a problem, we will redo it for free.

What can be WRONG with the order:

- you must check the sizes which you approve in your layout very accurately; specify sufficient supplies (they can always vary from order to order depending on how the wall was measured).
- be sure to read what we write with the shipment of the wallpaper!
- don't take the damaged tube (or package with canvas) at the post office or in courier – every order is insured for the full value of the order, contact us.
- masters or you and masters have to check the wallpaper before glue it – that everything fits, and were no questions.
- if the wallpaper is already glued on the wall we are not responsible for the order.

A good master will always see the problem, from the very beginning and won't glue further.
You can give our telephone number to the master for further details.

What is considered defective wallpaper?
A manufacturing defect is considered, inconsistency of images on adjacent strips of more than 3 mm, inconsistency of individual strips in color are considered manufacturing defects. A color mismatch on the wallpaper and the phone/computer screen is not a manufacturing defect.

All complaints about the quality and defects of the wallpaper may only be settled before the wallpaper has been mounted. This provision is introduced because it is not possible to reliably determine the cause of the defects or deterioration of the wallpaper after the wallpaper has been installed.

We are not responsible for the damage of the wallpaper due to inadequate storage, inadequate installation (attachment) and fixing of the wallpaper, improper use, or intentional or negligent damage to the wallpaper by third parties.

Ukraine, Odessa,
Novoberegovaya 12а, 1 office
+38 067 720 95 44
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Write or call us, we are always here for you, from 9 am till 7 pm.